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January 2011 Biennial Report

The District of Columbia Office of Campaign Finance hereby presents the January 31, 2011 Biennial Report, which covers the contributions and expenditures of candidates and political committees for the period from January 2009 through December 2010.

For the cover letter with a table of content and the full PDF version of this document, select 2011 Political Campaign Committees Biennial Report.

Summary of Expenditures by Purpose for 1199 SEIU PAC

The expenditures are presented in percentage terms by General Operating Expenditures, Transfers to Other Authorized Political Committees, Loan Repayments, Refunds of Contributions, Other Expenditures, and Offsets to Receipts.

  • General Operating Expenditures may include each expenditure made for Accounting Services, Advertising, Bank Fees, Campaign Events/Fund Raising, Campaign Materials and Supplies, Candidate Loan Re-payment, Catering/Refreshments, Computer Supplies/Equipment, Consulting Services, Equipment Purchases/Rental, In-Kind, Office Maintenance, Office Rental, Office Supplies/Furniture, Other Loan Repayment, Petty Cash, Polling/Mailing Lists, Postage/Shipping/Courier Rates, Printing/Copying, Salary/Stipend, Telephone/Communication, Trash/Poster Removal, Travel/Vehicle Expense, Utility Expense, and other Expenses.
  • Transfers to other Authorized Political Committees.
  • Loan Repayments.
  • Refunds of Contributions may include each contribution Refund to Individuals, Organizations, Political Party Committees, and other Political Committees (PACs).
  • Other Expenditures may include all expenditures other than the afore-mentioned, which may include Independent Expenditures made by persons expressly advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate, which are made without cooperation or consultation with any candidate and/or authorized committee and/or agent of the candidate; Donations to Charities, Churches, Political Committees, Scholarship and Statehood Funds; Payments to the Internal Revenue Service and for Fines; and Tickets to Events.
  • Offsets to Receipts may include Refunds, Rebates, Returned Checks, Non-Sufficient Fund Fees, and other Offsets to Operating Expenditures.