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The Office of Campaign Finance is currently operating under a modified status. All services will be provided remotely via email and telephone and you may contact this Office for the same. All financial reports will continue to be submitted online at our website on the required deadlines. Any individual seeking to register as a candidate for elective office should contact our office at (202) 671-0547 or email ([email protected]) for instructions.

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Complaints and Final Decisions

The Director of the Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) investigates alleged violations by OCF filers of the statutes and regulations under OCF jurisdiction. If the OCF determines that a matter should be investigated, the OCF assigns the issue a docket number and refers it to the OCF Office of the General Counsel (OGC). The OGC investigates the matter and issues a recommendation to the Director. The Director issues a final decision.

The complaints accepted by the office with completed investigations are listed below (from calendar years 1999 through 2013). Select a date to view the respondents, docket numbers, and dates of final decisions or orders. These matters do not represent the informal hearings conducted by the OCF for alleged violations of the reporting requirements.

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