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Data Quality Statement

Since July 2002, candidates, political committees, lobbyists, public officials, and the constituent service and statehood fund program have been able to file their reports electronically with the Office of Campaign Finance.

Beginning October 2012, the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability became responsible for the filing requirements of public officials and lobbyists. The previously filed activity reports of lobbyists and the financial disclosure statements of public officials have been archived for historical purposes. Further, the Office of Campaign Finance became responsible for receiving the financial reports of the newly established transition, inaugural, and legal defense fund committees.

Data filed electronically goes directly into the OCF database and is immediately available for viewing by the public. The OCF does not alter electronic filing submissions.

For paper submissions, the OCF staff makes every effort to enter data that accurately reflects the information reported by the filer. The OCF also conducts random quality assurance checks to verify that the data entered into the database matches the information required by the filer.

The Office of Campaign Finance conducts desk reviews in the Traditional Campaign Finance Program to measure compliance after the data has been entered into the database, and verifies each contribution reported in the FEP Program. Consequently, the data entered into the database reflects only the information reported by the filer; the OCF staff does not corroborate on the data.