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The Office of Campaign Finance is currently operating under a modified status. All services will be provided remotely via email and telephone and you may contact this Office for the same. All financial reports will continue to be submitted online at our website on the required deadlines. Any individual seeking to register as a candidate for elective office should contact our office at (202) 671-0547 or email ([email protected]) for instructions.

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File Financial Reports Online

File papers being filed in computer

New filers must register with OCF before using the Online Filing System. Register online or fill out the paper-based pre-registration forms and submit them according to the included directions to the Office of Campaign Finance. The OCF will assign a user ID, password, and PIN Number to file the forms on this website. Contact OCF for the login details.


New filers in the Fair Elections Program must properly register with OCF before using the Online Filing System by submitting the required registration forms. Upon registration, the OCF will email a link to the filer to create a user ID, password, and PIN number to file the committee’s reports of receipts & expenditures.


     Visit the  https://fairelections.ocf.dc.gov/login


Service Contact: 
Wesley Williams
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone: 
(202) 671-0551