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Expenditure Categories

Contribution Refunds

A contribution may be refunded under the following circumstances:

  1. The original check is returned uncashed;
  2. A contribution was made that exceeded the allowable contribution limitation;
  3. A refund is requested by the contributor; or
  4. Surplus funds are returned to the contributors at the conclusion of a campaign.

General Operating Expenditures

General Operating Expenditures include but are not limited to Accounting Services, Advertising, Bank Fees, Campaign Materials and supplies, Fund Raising, Tickets to Campaign Events, Computer Expenses, Consulting Services, Rental, Salaries, Supplies, Printing, Telephones, Postage, Travel, Utilities, In-kind expenses, and Independent Expenditures.


A Transfer is an exchange of funds between an affiliated committee and an authorized committee.

Loan Repayment

A Loan Repayment is a return of monies, by a candidate or a committee, on funds borrowed for campaign purposes by the candidate or the committee.


Others include Fines, Settlements/Judgments, Donations to Schools and Charitable Organizations, Scholarship Funds, IRS, and any other expense which does not fit in any of the above categories.