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DCMR Chapter 30


3014.1 A citizen-service program shall encompass any activity or program which provides services to the residents of the District of Columbia; and promotes their general welfare, including, but not limited to, charitable, scientific, educational, medical or recreational purposes.

3014.2 Citizen-service programs shall be prohibited from participating in any of the following:

(a) Promoting or opposing a political party or committee;

(b) Promoting or opposing the nomination or election of an individual to public office;

(c ) Promoting or opposing any initiative, referendum or recall measure;

(d) Distributing campaign literature or paraphernalia;

(e) Using any funds for personal purposes of the elected official; and

(f) Conducting any other campaign activities covered in this title.

3014.3 A citizen-service program may be maintained only by the following elected officials:

(a) Mayor;

(b) Chairman and members of the Council; and

(c ) Any Representative or Senator of the District of Columbia.

3014.4 A citizen-service program shall be established in the following manner:

(a) In a ward by a member of the Council elected by ward; and

(b) At-large by all other elected officials listed at §3014.1.

3014.5 An elected official shall fund the citizen-service program only through the following methods:

(a) By transferring any surplus, residue, or unexpended campaign funds to the citizen-service program;

(b) By receiving contributions which do not exceed, in the aggregate, $40,000 in any one (1) calendar year;

(c ) By receiving cash contributions from any person which, when aggregated with all other contributions received from the same person, do not exceed four hundred dollars ($400), in any one (1) calendar year; and

(d) By receiving personalty from any person which, when aggregated with all other contributions received from the same person, do not exceed $1,000 in any one (1) calendar year.

3014.6 The amount of any transfer of surplus, residue, or unexpended campaign funds by the elected official shall not be subject to the $40,000 contribution limitation, pursuant to §3014.5.

3014.7 The amount of any funds contributed by an elected official to the official’s citizen- service program shall not be subject to the four hundred dollars ($400) contribution limitation, pursuant to §3014.5.

3014.8 No person shall receive or make any cash contribution of $25 or more in legal tender.

3014.9 Corporations may make contributions to citizen-service programs.

3014.10 A connected organization, pursuant to §3000.8, and all affiliated committees established, financed, maintained or controlled by the connected organization share a single contribution limitation with respect separately to cash and personalty.

3014.11 The contribution limitations, pursuant to §3014, shall apply only to the elected official’s citizen-service program.

3014.12 An elected official shall be required to comply with the following:

(a) Spend no more than $40,000 in any one (1) calendar year for the citizen- service program;

(b) Include the name of the elected official in the name of the citizen-service program;

(c ) File a statement of organization, on a form prescribed by the Director, within ten (10) days of organization;

(d) Amend the Statement of Organization within ten (10) days of any change in information previously reported on its Statement of Organization; and

(e) Sign and file all Reports, in accordance with §§3008 and 3017.

3014.13 A citizen-service program may have a treasurer.

3014.14 A treasurer shall be required to file the following:

(a) A statement of acceptance, on a form prescribed by the Director, within forty- eight (48) hours of assuming the office; and

(b) A statement of withdrawal on a form prescribed by the Director, and a copy of written notification sent to the address of record of the custodian of records, if indicated, and the elected official, within forty-eight (48) hours of vacating the office.

3014.15 A citizen-service program may establish and maintain a petty cash fund, Provided, that records shall be maintained in accordance with §3010 of this chapter.