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DCMR Chapter 30


3012.1 Prior to conducting any joint fundraising activities, the participants (political committees) shall perform the following:

(a) Create a political committee to act as their fundraising representative;

(b) Agree in writing to a formula for allocating proceeds and expenses among themselves; and

(c ) Amend their Statements of Organization.

3012.2 The amended Statements of Organization shall include the following:

(a) The writing as agreed upon pursuant to §3012.1(b); and

(b) The fundraising representative’s (political committee’s ) account as an additional depository; Provided, that the fundraising representative shall be an affiliated committee.

3012.3 The fundraising representative (political committee) shall be responsible for the following:

(a) Establish a depository account for joint fundraising receipts and expenditures; and

(b) File a Statement of Organization with the Director.

3012.4 In accordance with this title, the duties of the fundraising representative (political committee) shall include the following:

(a) Screen all contributions to assure that none are in excess of the limitations, pursuant to §3011;

(b) Collect and deposit joint fundraising contributions;

(c ) Pay expenses;

(d) Allocate proceeds and expenses to the participants; and

(e) Report all joint fundraising receipts and expenditures in the reporting period which made or received.

3012.5 Upon allocation of proceeds, the participant political committees shall report their shares on the R&E Report in accordance with the financial guidelines and procedures.