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DCMR Chapter 30


3011.1 No person shall make any contribution which, and no person shall receive any contribution which, when totaled with all other contributions from the same person, pertaining to an individualís campaign for nomination as a candidate or election to public office, including both the primary and general elections, or special elections, exceeds the limitations enumerated for each office, pursuant to §3011.2.

3011.2 Contributions in support of either individual candidates or their authorized committees, or for the recall of an incumbent, pursuant to §3000.5, shall be limited to the following:

(a) Mayor and U. S. Senator and Representative to Congress - $2,000;

(b) Chairman of the Council - $1,500;

(c ) Member of the Council at large - $1,000;

(d) Ward Member of the Council and Member of the Board of Education at large - $500;

(e) Ward Member of the Board of Education and Official of a Political Party - $200; and

(f) Member of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission - $25.

3011.3 With the exception of special elections, no person shall make any contribution, in any one election (primary and general) that, when totaled, exceeds $5,000, to any one (1) unauthorized committee, pursuant to §3000.6.

3011.4 With the exception of special elections, no person shall make any contribution in any one election (primary and general) per elective office for Mayor, U. S. Senator and Representative to Congress, Chairman of the Council, and each member of the Council and Board of Education which, when totaled with all other contributions made by that person in any one election (primary and general) to candidates and political committees, per elective office, exceeds $8,500; Provided, that contributions to individual candidates and political committees shall not exceed those listed pursuant to §§3011.2 and 3011.3.

3011.5 No person shall receive or make any cash contribution of $25 or more in legal tender.

3011.6 For the purposes of §3011, expenditures for candidates for office shall not be considered contributions or expenditures by or on behalf of a candidate when derived from the following sources:

(a) Personal funds belonging to candidates; and

(b) Funds from any person advocating the election or defeat of any candidate for office; Provided, that the person was not requested or suggested to do so by the candidate, any agent of the candidate, or any authorized committee of the candidate.

3011.7 All loans or advances from a candidate or member of the immediate family of a candidate shall be evidenced by a written instruction which fully discloses the following:

(a) Terms;

(b) Conditions; and

(c ) Parties to the loan or advance.

3011.8 The amount of any loan or advance from a member of the candidateís immediate family shall be included in computing and applying the limitations, pursuant to §3011, upon receipt by the authorized committee of the loan or advance from an immediate family members; Provided, that the standards for repayment are consistent with repayment policies of lending institutions in the District of Columbia.

3011.9 Contributions to a candidate or political committee shall be attributed to the person actually making the contribution.

3011.10 Contributions from minor children [under eighteen (18) years old] shall be attributed to their parents or legal guardians except under the following circumstances:

(a) The decision to contribute is made knowingly and voluntarily by the minor child; and

(b) The funds, goods or services contributed are owned or controlled exclusively by the minor child.

3011.11 A connected organization, pursuant to §3000.8, and all political committees established, financed, maintained or controlled by the connected organization share a single contribution limitation.

3011.12 Corporations may make contributions in the District of Columbia.

3011.13 Contributions by a partnership shall be attributed to each partner, only by one (1) of the following methods:

(a) Instructions from the partnership to the political committee or the candidate; or

(b) Agreement of the partners; Provided, that the profits of non-contributing partners are not affected.

3011.14 All contributions by a partnership shall be subject to the contributions limitations, pursuant to §3011.

3011.15 No portion of any contribution, pursuant to §3011.13, shall derive from the profits of a corporation that is a partner.

3011.16 Limitations on contributions, pursuant to §3011, shall not apply to initiative, recall or referendum measures.