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DCMR Chapter 30


3010.1 A candidate, political committee or citizen-service program may maintain a Petty Cash Fund which shall not exceed three hundred dollars ($300) at any time.

3010.2 All records and transactions shall be maintained and authorized, respectively, only by the following:

(a) Chairperson;

(b) Treasurer; or

(c ) Their designated agents, as listed pursuant to §3000.1.

3010.3 Petty cash funds shall be administered in the following manner:

(a) Funds shall be received by check drawn on the candidate’s or political committee’s account;

(b) Cash expenditures shall not exceed fifty dollars ($50) to any person in connection with a single purchase or transaction; and

(c ) All transactions shall be recorded in a journal designated for petty cash.

3010.4 For each deposit to the petty cash fund receipt, the amount and date shall be recorded in the journal.

3010.5 For each disbursement, the journal shall include the following:

(a) Name and address of each recipient;

(b) Date;

(c ) Amount;

(d) Purpose; and

(e) Candidate’s name, and the office sought, for which the disbursement is made.

3010.6 All receipts, vouchers, petty cash journals, and other documentation shall be retained by the committee or candidate for a period of three (3) years from the date of the filing of the final R&E Report by the candidate or political committee.