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DCMR Chapter 30


3002.1 An individual shall be considered a candidate when the individual performs any of the following acts:

(a) Receives a campaign contribution;

(b) Makes a campaign expenditure;

(c ) Obtains nominating petitions;

(d) Authorizes any person to perform any of the above acts; or

(e) Fails to disavow in writing to the Director any of the above acts by any other person within ten (10) days after written notification by the Director.

3002.2 With the exception of candidates for ANC, each candidate shall file, within five (5) days after becoming a candidate, pursuant to §3002.1, a Statement of Candidacy, on a form prescribed by the Director, indicating the following:

(a) Whether spending is anticipated at less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250); or

(b) Whether a principal campaign committee will be designated.

3002.3 Each candidate, pursuant to §3002.2, who indicates on the Statement of Candidacy that a principal campaign committee will be designated on behalf of the candidate shall complete the form with the following:

(a) The name of the principal campaign committee, pursuant to §3005;

(b) Any other authorized committees, pursuant to §3000.5; and

(c ) One (1) or more national banks located in the District of Columbia as the campaign depository.

3002.4 The candidate shall commence filing personal R&E Reports in accordance with this chapter, unless reporting is otherwise exempted, pursuant to §3003, or waived, pursuant to §3004.

3002.5 All candidates for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) shall file an ANC Summary Financial Statement no later than thirty (30) days after an election.

3002.6 Whenever an individual ceases to become a candidate, a Statement of Withdrawal of Candidacy, on a form to be prescribed by the Director, shall be filed immediately upon termination of the candidacy.