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April 30, 2009

Financial Disclosure Statement due by May 15, 2009

This is to remind all public officials to file their Financial Disclosure Statement (FDS) by May 15, 2009.  For this purpose, an individual is considered a public official if the met any of the following criteria for thirty days or more during calendar year 2008: 

  1. An elected official, except Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners;
  2. Member of specific boards and commissions, pursuant to the Act;
  3. Employee within the Legal or Excepted Service and paid at a rate of DS-13 or above;
  4. Employee within the Management Supervisory Service (MSS) and paid at rate of MS-13, or above;
  5. Person serving as subordinate agency head pursuant to the Personnel Act;
  6. Any other public official expressly subject to the financial disclosure provisions of the Act.

A document is timely filed upon delivery to the Office of Campaign Finance by 5:30 pm of the prescribed filing date. Statements sent by first class mail must be received by 5:30 pm on the prescribed filing date to be considered timely filed. Financial Disclosure Statements may be submitted electronically on this website.  A printed signed copy of the electronically submitted FDS must be mailed or delivered to the Office of Campaign Finance within five (5) days of submission.  An electronically submitted statement is considered timely filed by midnight of the prescribed filing date.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Wesley Williams, Public Affairs Manager, at (202) 671-0551.