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October 28, 2010

ANC Reporting Requirements

This is to advised all candidates for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) that they have no statutory requirements with the Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) until after the November 2, 2010 general election.
The District of Columbia Municipal Reulations (DCMR) require that each ANC candidate file a Summary Financial Statement (OCF Form 18) no later than thirty (30) days after the Board of Elections and Ethics certifies the election results or certifies the filling of an ANC vacancy.  See 3DCMR Section 3002.5 (2010, as amended).
The Summary Financial Statement of Candidate for the Office of Member of an ANC shall included: total receipts and expenditures relative to seeking election to the Office of ANC; Cash on Hand at the close of the reporting period; total amount of Debts and Obligations owed TO and owed BY the ANC candidate; the method of disposal of surplus funds; certification that the ANC candidate did not receive contributions from any person excluding the candidate, in excess of twenty-five ($25) dollars; certification that the ANC candidate did not receive contributions from any persons or make expenditures, including from or by the candidate, to support the election to ANC office.
An ANC candidate my opt to authorize a principal campaign committee.  However, by statute, the committee is not required to register with the OCF.
Any unauthorized committee independently established to support the election or defeat of an ANC candidate must register with the OCF.
ANC candidates will be notified by this Office as to the specific date the report is due.